Jeremiah 30:12-22

December 3, 2022

Jeremiah 30:12-22                                                                                    Larry Lewis

For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, says the Lord

~ Jeremiah 30:17

Anyone who lives with chronic pain or illness understands that the idea of “healing” is elusive. Many chronic illnesses are incurable and debilitating; I know my own chronic illnesses have been. Those of us who live with such conditions spend a lot of time searching for ways to feel better, sometimes only to feel worse. At times, managing a chronic illness feels like a full-time job.

But I’ve also learned that God is right there with me every step of the way. God is in the doctors and nurses who show compassion and who work to help me and other sufferers find relief. God is in the friends and family who walk alongside us in our pain and struggle. And God is inside us, empowering our desire to persevere and not let pain or illness define us.

It may not be the longed-for, perfect cure to that which ails us, but there is healing in the experience of God’s love wrapped around us like a blanket, making us whole again.

Healing Lord, thank you for walking alongside us in our pain. Amen

From “Portals of Prayer”

Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen. Even with all the ups and downs, never take a day for granted. Smile, cherish the little things and remember to hug the ones who really love.

The goal in life is to live young, have fun, and at the final destination as late as possible with a smile on your face. Enjoy the ride.