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Friday Updates:

  • Attendance: 132
  • Today's Offering: $70
  • Anchor House Items Collected:
    • RED 51
    • ORANGE 64
    • YELLOW 75
    • GREEN 217
    • BLUE 125

Thank you all for your generous donations for Anchor House. What a wonderful way to share God's love for everyone!


Upcoming reminders: 

Join us Sunday morning for worship at 8:00am or 10:15am. We will start the service with our Daycampers singing some of their favorite songs! Our 8am service and Sunday school will be in the Picnic Shelter this week - daycamp style :)

Join us for Sunday School each week at 9am. All ages are combined for some summer fun! Regular classes resume in August.


Save the date for next year's Daycamp:

June 9-13, 2025


God is a friend for everyone! Thanks, God!

Jamie & Maddie