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This week:     May 12-18

Sunday 12th
    Newsletter deadline
    LL Sign Up for Dave & Busters
    8:00 am    Communion
    9:00 am    Sunday School
    9:00 am    Daycamp training (counselors & volunteers)
    10:15 am    Worship
    6:00 pm    Kids Bells
    6:30 pm    Adult Bells
    7:00 pm    Choir
Mon. 13th
    9:00 am    Preschool
    5:00 pm    Bus leaves for Hindu temple tour

Tues. 14th
    1:00 pm    Blood Drive
        (until 6:00 pm)
Wed. 15th
    9:00 am    Preschool
    7:00 pm    Preschool graduation
Thurs. 16th
    9:00 am    Borchers Breakfast Club
    9:30 am    Tai Chi class
Friday 17th
    9:00 am    Preschool (last day)

Sat. 18th
    Deadline to register for Daycamp to receive a free t-shirt
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