Feb 18 Worship & Bulletin


Bumper Stickers are short sayings that we tend to put on our vehicles.  They attempt to proclaim a message for everyone to hear.  Unfortunately, when we attempt to create a short pity line we can actually communicate an unhelpful message.  This series looks at a number of saying/bumper stickers we see in our world.  We are attempting to examine the theology behind the saying and investigate about whether or not the saying is Biblical and/or teaches things that are counter to Biblical theology.

Today’s Theme:
‘I Found Jesus’
Many times people talk about when they found Jesus.  However, is it truly us who find Jesus or does Jesus find us.  We will look at the Parable of the Lost Sheep along with the idea of a shepherd and what we find is that it is God who is not lost and needs to be found.  But God is the one who pursues us and finds us.  Then when God finds us, there is much rejoicing.
Questions To Ponder:
1— Why do you think the saying, ‘I found Jesus.’ became  
2—How is it that God found you? 
3—How can the idea that we need to find Jesus negatively 
      impact the theology of Grace?
4—What questions do you have about this bumper sticker?

Prayer:  O Lord Christ, good shepherd of the sheep, you seek the lost and guide us into the fold.  Feed us, and we shall be satisfied; heal us, and we shall be whole.  Make us one with you.  Amen.