March 10 Worship & Bulletin


Bumper Stickers are short sayings that we tend to put on our vehicles.  They attempt to proclaim a message for everyone to hear.  Unfortunately, when we attempt to create a short pity line we can actually communicate an unhelpful message.  This series looks at a number of saying/bumper stickers we see in our world.  We are attempting to examine the theology behind the saying and investigate about whether or not the saying is Biblical and/or teaches things that are counter to Biblical theology.

Today’s Theme:
‘God Needed Another Angel’
It’s hard to know what to say to people in grief and loss.  Sometimes we off supposed words of comfort, but these words imply that God caused the death of our loved one.  Does God really take children away from their parents because there is a shortage of angels?  The vision of a new heaven and earth in Revelation gives us comfort that suffering and mourning and crying will not follow us there.  Let our words, be expressions of love.  

Questions To Ponder:
1— Why do you think we end up using this bumper sticker?
2—What are better ways to seek to comfort others without using clichés?
3—How does this saying communicate the wrong message about who God is and who angels are?
4—What questions do you have about this bumper sticker?

Prayer:  Loving God, you have made it known to us that if we live, we live for you, and if we die, we die for you.  Whether we live or whether we die, we are yours.  Keep us open to your love and healing, so that we may be healing to, and for, others.  Amen.