April 21 Worship & Service Bulletin

Readings for the Day:

Acts 4:5-12:  Peter and John had been arrested the previous day because they were proclaiming the news of the resurrection to the people.  In today’s reading, Peter is filled with the Holy Spirit so that he can proclaim salvation in Jesus’ name to the religious authorities.

I John 3:16-24:  Jesus’ death on our behalf is the clearest demonstration of divine love.  This is the very love we share with others, not just through our words but especially through our deeds.  In sharing such love we fulfill God’s commandments.
John 10:11-18:  In language that recalls the 23rd Psalm, Jesus describes himself as the shepherd who cares for his sheep.  He is willing to die for them, and he is able to overcome death for them.

 ‘From Sunday & Seasons, copyright 2023 Augsburg Fortress’

Questions To Ponder:
1— How have you experienced God’s rod and staff in your life? (Psalm 23)
2—What does it mean to love ‘in truth and action’? (I John 3:18)
3—How have you experience Jesus as the Good Shepherd? (John 10:11-18)
4—How do these texts speak to you today?
Prayer:  O Lord Christ, good shepherd of the sheep, you seek the lost and guide us into your fold.  Feed us, and we shall be satisfied; heal us, and we shall be whole.  Make us one with you.  Amen.